Pokémon is a great trading card game and is not just for kids!  Pokémon is awesome to play for all ages, and really is endless with decks you can build and enjoy.  We carry a large selection of Pokémon packs, cards, and other products for all ages.  If your wondering if we are getting a new Pokémon set you can probably guess we will have it in stock, but don't wait to catch it because some sets sell quickly!  

Atlantis Hobby offers Pokémon at our retail location in Mankato, MN or can be purchased on our website.

****PLEASE NOTE:  INVENTORY ONLINE DOES NOT REFLECT WHAT INVENTORY IS AT OUR STORE.  Many Pokémon items on our website that show out of stock, usually are IN STOCK at our Retail Store.  We limit quantities and inventory on our website so that our local customers can get the items locally.  If your a local customer looking for anything from our website please come to our retail location for availability.  Newer Pokémon sets and items are typically always available locally!