Our Story

Atlantis Hobby was a dream of two brothers for over 20 years, Garrett and Preston finally took the plunge in 2020 in the middle of the COVID pandemic. 

The mission of our store was simple;

Be the Best at everything we do!  We started our store for our customers and players, being Magic the Gathering players our entire lives. We wanted a store that our players deserved, a great place to play games, and carry only items or products in our store that we are passionate about.    

With the mission of our store and only a few months after opening, Atlantis Hobby received recognition from Wizards of the Coast and became a WPN Premium Store.  Atlantis Hobby was the second Premium store in all of Minnesota, and the only one in southern MN, and the first ever multiclass retail store to achieve Premium status.

So, what is WPN Premium?  Premium is an achievement earned by only the best stores in the world for Magic the Gathering, and is given by Wizards of the Coast that owns MTG and D&D.  Being a Premium store gives us exclusive events, promos, and extra goodies for our customers.  Premium is designated to the best stores in the world.

We strive to not only provide the best store and atmosphere, but also the best customer service.  We want our customers to be like family, and we hope everyone that visits feels the same. 

So why shop Atlantis Hobby vs other stores?  We ourselves have shopped at the other stores in our area for a very long time and still do.  We feel our reward program for our store is the best and was created to be so for not only customers at the register but the players at our store.  Not only do you get rewarded for purchasing stuff at our store, but also playing in our store, and better yet our rewards can be used for even entry on events!  Besides the reward program we offer (Atlantean Rewards) we strive to have the best selection, prices, and service in the area.

So come visit Atlantis Hobby for all your gaming needs and be sure to check our calendar for Events!

Here is some of the games and products we offer:

  • Magic the Gathering
  • Pokémon
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Board Games
  • Flesh and Blood
  • Digimon
  • Yugioh
  • Varia Card Game
  • Card Singles for Magic the Gathering, Flesh & Blood, Pokémon
  • Gaming Supplies such as sleeves, boxes, top loaders, and so much more
  • Sports Card Supplies
  • Aquarium Supplies