Online Skirmish Event - March 20th 2021 - Flesh & Blood

ONLINE Blitz Event March 20th 2pm CST.
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Skirmish is an exclusive event that we are allowed to participate in for Flesh and Blood! Only select stores are allowed to run Skirmish events, which include exclusive Playmats, Promos, and prizes!
ONLINE WEBCAM Blitz Event at 2pm CST.
Entry for Event is $20
Prizes that will be given; Playmat, Full Art Promo cards, and Cold Foil cards. See details on website.
Prizes and support is given directly to the players from Legend Story Studios.  Please make sure your information when registering with is correct for mailing address.
IMPORTANT Please Read:
Watch how to setup your account and how Registeration for the event will be done:
Event will be ran through our Discord Channel via Webcam:  (make sure to join our channel to play)
*Pairings and Announcements will be posted throughout the event day (March 20th) on our Flesh & Blood Discord channel in the announcements section.  
Register on for the event and purchase this Entry fee!  You can register for the event here:
You MUST register for the event  AND purchase this as your entry fee in order to participate in the event!